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Filmed in October 2020, to be enjoyed in classrooms throughout the Kingdom in their bubbles.
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"We’re sad we can’t be there this year, but we think with your assistance… That we have found a workaround: a panto with social distance!"
Fairy Godmother

"Cinderella... Online!" is a stream-able pre-recorded pantomime that can be enjoyed by all children in the safety of their classrooms. The script is written and filmed in such a way as to encourage audience participation and the production is full of comedy, charm, singing, dancing and even some custard pies (that we would never usually be able to bring into schools without being told off by the dinner ladies!)

First available in December 2020, "Cinderella... Online!" has been watched and enjoyed by thousands of children across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

By booking your school will have online access to:

- The pantomime “Cinderella”. No need to mix bubbles or worry about how you can all socially distance for the performance, the pantomime is available online so can be accessed in any classroom with a computer at a convenient time for your schedules!
- A teacher’s guide of the pantomime, so that individual participation can take place in each classroom if desired.

- Downloadable activity pack and lesson plans to fill the whole afternoon (or even week) with panto fun.

To book please email

For downloadable activities please click on the downloads button on the menu, or click here!
Don't forget you will need the password we will have emailed over!

Make sure you also have a look at the photos and character bios!!

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