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Dick Whittington

Our story follows our hero Dick Whittington as he travels to Old London Town where the streets are made of gold. Here he meets his feline companion 'Ratty' and lands a job working for Alderman Fitzwarren and his daughter Alice. But things never go smoothly for the pair, as they are summoned by King Tiny of Morotavia to rid his kingdom of mice, but is it really a trap?

With outrageous pantomime characters, stunning costumes and tremendous slapstick comedy, Dick Whittington is sure to thrill all audiences this winter.

We provide all equipment necessary to create a theatrical atmosphere within the school including set, costumes, props, lighting and sound.

Touring Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout November 2017 to January 2018. To enquire about when we are in your area please call us on 01630 661983 (or +44 1630 661983 from Ireland)


Like with all pantomimes there is plenty of audience participation as the children will boo for the baddies, cheer for our hero and shout "ITS BEHIND YOU!" But unlike other companies we get our audience to star in the show. Ratty, Dick's faithful companion, will be played by one of the children in your school, as are the mice, and it wouldn't be a West Midland Childrens Theatre pantomime without a dance where your superstars can show off their moves!

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