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Productions Online!

When the pandemic hit back in March 2020 we were busily preparing for our summer tour, then suddenly we were at a loose end! For the first few months we sat at home patiently twiddling our thumbs waiting for it all to be over. We even moved our summer bookings to the autumn and continued booking our pantomime for December as surely everything would be back to normal by then...

When September came, it was pretty adamant that this "New Normal" was not yet ready for touring theatre, so we put our heads together to produce our Online Pantomime... Cinderella. 

on set.jpg

Since then schools all over the UK and Ireland have loved the flexibility that an online performance offers! 

For a one off fee all classes can enjoy the pre-recorded performance as many times as they like, 

for an entire month!

AND the majority of the productions have

additional educational and fun activities 
available to download for free!


Treasure Island- An interactive adventure

Jack and the Beanstalk

Robin Hood

Sleeping Beauty

cinderella online small.png

Cinderella... Online!

Our first venture into the world of online theatre was our 2020 pantomime "Cinderella" The classic rags to riches tale was filmed onstage and has been watched by thousands of children. 

"We’re sad we can’t be there this year, but we think with your assistance… That we have found a workaround: a panto with social distance!"
Fairy Godmother, 2020

If you missed our pantomime the first time around, fear not as it is still available to book right now! Filled with comedy, charm, singing, dancing and a whole load of panto fun!


Treasure Island

An interactive pirate adventure... Online!

Join Jim on his journey for the illusive Egyptian gold, but beware... where there is treasure there are always pirates! 

Packed full of comedy, excitement and audience participation- including a “choose your own adventure” segment where the audience's decisions will impact what happens next to our hero... should he work on deck or in the galley? Both are great ideas and have hilarious (and very messy) outcomes!

treasure island poster for website small

Jack and the Beanstalk

Fe- Fi- Fo- Fum

I think I can smell children.

Be they big, or be they small
Like Pokemon, I'll catch them all!

Join Jack and his mother up the beanstalk, on this fast paced journey to riches- great fun for the whole primary age range- and the teacher's too!

For more information about our online panto, please click here

Robin Hood

A recorded performance our fantastic tour that graced schools in summer 2022!

Ever wondered what a live performance of one of our touring shows is like? Well this production of Robin Hood is exactly that! We have kept the camera trickery and effects to a minimal, so that the performance is as authenticate to one of our visits as possible!

Join Robin Hood and Maid Marion as they prepare for the Midsummer Archery competition, where they hope to win 100 gold coins for the poor. However, the Sheriff of Nottingham has other ideas and will stop at nothing to win the money for himself!

poster thumbnail 2.png

Sleeping Beauty

"It seems we started at the end,

a terrible place to start!

And so we need for time to bend

and show us the beginning part...."

Join Nana Goodwillow on a journey through time. In the space of 70 minutes, the audience is transported through Briar Rose's life from her christening, to her 16th Birthday, wedding and then then  land of the dinosaurs...? Packed full of fun and special effects, this pre-recorded performance is the perfect pantomime treat!

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