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Sleeping Beauty... Online!


Our story is about a beautiful princess, 

whose birthday party was a great success!

There was singing, and dancing and presents aplenty

Until the evil fairy stopped the fun with her unexpected entry

Her wicked spell bought the King and Queen to tears,

And now the Princess must sleep for 100 years...

The classic fairy tale story about spinning wheels, growing vines and a princess who sleeps for a century... but written with a fresh perspective for our younger audiences.

Packed full of comedy, excitement and audience participation! This online pre-recorded performance lasts around 70 minutes and is suitable for the whole Primary age range.

spinning wheel.png

By booking this online performance, your school will have online access to:

- The pantomime “Sleeping Beauty” for up to a month. You will be able to watch
the pantomime as many times as you like, by as many classes as you like!
- A teacher’s guide of the pantomime, so that individual participation can take place in each classroom if desired.

- Downloadable activity pack and lesson plans to fill the whole afternoon (or even week) with panto fun.

To book please email

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