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Jack and the Beanstalk

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Fe- Fi- Fo- Fum

It's panto time... let's have some fun!

Can a beanstalk help solve Jack's troubles

Watch from your classrooms or in your bubbles!

Join Jack and his mother for this exciting adventure to the clouds above... but beware of giants! The classic pantomime about magic beans and dancing cows called Daisy

pre-recorded pantomime suitable for the whole primary age range and accessible online! Every class is able to watch at a time to suit their schedule…. you can also view it as many times as you like! 

By booking your school will have online access to:

- The pantomime “Jack and the Beanstalk”. No need to mix bubbles or worry about how you can all socially distance for the performance, the pantomime is available online!
- A teacher’s guide of the pantomime, so that individual participation can take place in each classroom if desired.

- Downloadable activity pack and lesson plans to fill the whole afternoon (or even week) with panto fun.

To book please email

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