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Meet the characters of Cinderella!

Age: 18
Likes: Fairy stories, Buttons,    being kind to strangers.
Dislikes: Being made to do the housework,
Hobbies: Fairy stories, spending time with Buttons


Cinderella is the daughter of a merchant. She has a step mother and two step-sisters. Cinderella’s father is often away on business trying to earn enough money to pay for his wife and step daughter’s expensive tastes in clothes. Because of that, he and Cinderella’s step mother are rarely at home. In fact, Cinderella’s mother’s lavish tastes mean that he can not afford to return home and is constantly paying off his wife’s debts.

Cinderella’s sisters refuse to do any housework and so Cinderella has to do it all. Cinderella loves fairy stories which she shares with her best friend Buttons and dreams of being rescued from her life by a handsome prince.  Cinderella has little time for hobbies, and her step sisters are so mean that they give her more work to do if she ever tried to start one.



Age: 2

Likes: Cheese, Cinderella, Fairy stories
Dislikes: Rubella and Listeria, Cats, food that isn’t cheese
Hobbies: reading fairy stories, eating cheese, smelling cheese, hoarding cheese, telling cheesy jokes.

Buttons is Cinderella’s best friend. He is a mouse with a love of cheese and fairy tales and often tries to find ways of making Cinderella’s dreams of a better life come true with various schemes – mostly involving catching frogs and trying to get Cinderella to kiss them.


Prince Charming 

Age: 21
Likes: Playing games with the servants, dogs, climbing trees.
Dislikes: Cruelty, unfairness, rules that don’t make sense, traditions, being told what to do, what to wear and how to dress, parades and stuffiness.
Hobbies: Fishing, archery, horse riding, tennis..

Charming is the only son of King Bertie and Queen Dorothea, and next in line to the throne of Enchantia.  Charming enjoys playing games with the servants and thinks that servants and nobles should be equals… He prefers to spend a lot of his time outside of the palace but isn’t allowed to go anywhere without a guard or a servant to accompany him, he often tries to sneak off on his own or down to the kitchens to play games with the servants there, much to the disapproval of his parents.

prince charming.jpg


Likes: Fashion, Hair, Fashion, Shoes, Fashion, Money, Fashion, Men, Fashion, Masked Balls, Fashion, Royalty, Fashion and Dancing…. Oh and Fashion.
Dislikes: Vegetables, Cinderella, Housework, Mice, Children, anybody more beautiful than her (which is pretty much everyone)

Hobbies: Buying clothes, shoes and hair, expensive meals out, being mean to Cinderella.

Listeria is Cinderella’s older step-sister. Like her mother and her sister Rubella, Listeria loves fashion and expensive food. To Listeria, the more expensive the outfit the better, regardless of how it looks. Because Listeria hates doing any sort of work, she is desperate to find a wealthy husband to pay for her lavish tastes. She’s actually very good at maths and so she has come to the conclusion that only a prince will have enough money to pay for what she wants. Listeria is the more cunning of Cinderella’s step-sisters and the most cruel, she’s jealous of Cinderella’s youth and beauty and enjoys making Cinderella miserable.



Age:  40      NO! NO! I’m 21(honest)
Likes: Fashion, Sweeties, Men, football (because of the men)
Dislikes: Children, Cinderella, house-work, anything that requires thinking too much.
Hobbies: Reading magazines, being mean to Cinderella

Rubella is Listeria’s dippy sister and Cinderella’s other step-sister. She is a little younger than Listeria, a fact she likes to constantly remind her of. Like her older sister, Rubella is on the lookout to find a husband that can afford to pay for her expensive clothes and make-up. Rubella isn’t very bright and constantly gets things the wrong way round. She also believes everything she reads in magazines – no matter how ridiculous it is. Like her sister Listeria, Rubella can be very cruel and enjoys nothing more than locking Cinderella in the cellar. Rubella is the sportier of the two sisters, she likes watching football (although that might have more to do with wanting to find a wealthy footballer husband.)


Fairy Godmother 

Age: Young at heart forever

Likes: Kindness, magic, candyfloss (as it looks like her hair), rainbows, glitter!

Dislikes: Rude people, bullies, waiting in line, flying in the rain.
Hobbies: Taking selfies, Zumba, Tiktok

As Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, she has been guarding her since birth. The Fairy Godmother has many Godchildren that she protects and although she is not meant to have favourites, Cinderella is hers! She is proud of the kind, caring and sweet natured woman Cinderella is growing into. Although, she would prefer it if Cinderella could find the courage and strength to tell her step-sisters to stop being nasty, but understands it is difficult to stand up to bullies. The Fairy Godmother hopes that one day the step-sisters won’t be mean, otherwise she may have to intervene…


King Bertie 

Age: 82
Likes: Pointy metal hats, His wife Dorothea, parades, holidays in the sun, order and rules, tradition, audiences, Toffee (although they keep getting stuck in his dentures) anything unusual and odd.
Dislikes: greediness, Chess (he can’t understand why his piece can only move one space at a time), not being able to find things.
Hobbies: Playing with his train sets, holidays in the sun.

King Bertie is the King of Enchantia and father of Prince Charming. He and his wife have been ruling Enchantia for many many years and want to retire to a holiday villa somewhere with lots of sunny weather.  King Bertie is very old fashioned and traditional and doesn’t think that royalty and poor people should be friends… but he’s also a romantic and is willing to change his mind if it means his son can find a wife.

King and Queen.jpg

Queen Dorothea 

Age: 80
Likes: Bertie, Sitting on Thrones, skiing holidays, Corgis, doing the crossword, chess (she can move in any direction as much as she wants), asking people “and what do you do?”.
Dislikes: Not being able to find a wife for her son, mixing with servants, mayonnaise.

Hobbies: Knitting, waving from carriages, cage fighting

Queen Dorothea is the queen of Enchantia. She and her husband Bertie are desperate to retire and pass the throne on to their son Charming. Like her husband she believes strongly in tradition and thinks that Charming should only marry someone from a wealthy family.

King and Queen.jpg
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