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The mythology of The Bluebird of Happiness has deep roots that go back thousands of years. In Russian legend, the bluebird is a traditional symbol of hope. 

Our story is set long, long ago and tells the tale of young Prince Ivan and his search for the legendary Bluebird of Happiness, which he hopes will give him the courage to defeat the forces of the evil queen. Prince Ivan's quest sends him on a long journey over land and across the sea to the royal court of the Empress of China and finally to the north pole!

As always managed audience participation will be a key feature in this production.

On a musical note, Prokovief and Stavinsky are used as a background to Ivan's thrilling adventure. So come, join us on our quest!

We provide all equipment necessary to create a theatrical atmosphere within the school including set, costumes, props, lighting and sound.

Touring Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout the summer and autumn terms of 2019. To enquire about when we are in your area please call us on 01630 661983 (or +44 1630 661983 from Ireland)

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