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Inspired by “Tales from the Arabian Nights”, come with us to Kazabazoo for our             “Arabian Adventure”, packed full of comedy and excitement.

The beautiful Princess Samaris, daughter to the Sultan, outwits the marriage plans of the evil sorcerer Lord Ben Abu, who then declares war on the peaceful kingdom of Kazabazoo. Exiled from her homeland for bringing about such ruin, the Princess will encounter many strange adventures amidst the desert, which will ultimately lead her home to fulfil a prophesy and rescue her parents and kingdom from the clutches of Lord Ben Abu and his evil magic powers.

The play has many opportunities for audience participation. Children will be brought onto stage to act as:
* Handmaidens
* Wedding Servants 
*An army to fight Lord Ben Abu
plus many exciting other parts
Apart from individual participation, the help of the entire audience is asked for in the final plan to rob Lord Ben Abu of his magic powers and to restore peace and calm to Kazabazoo.

We provide all equipment necessary to create a theatrical atmosphere within the school including set, costumes, props, lighting and sound. Upon request we can send a teacher's resource pack with links to the curriculum and classroom exercises!

Touring Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout the summer and autumn terms of 2018. To enquire about when we are in your area please call us on 01630 661983 (or +44 1630 661983 from Ireland)


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