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Come with us to Old Copenhagen where the King has promised a fortune to whoever can make him a new suit for his annual birthday celebrations. Two rival tailors, Maria, a country girl and Fritz from Biarritz, both set off on a quest to find the fabled cloth of gold, make the suit and thus win the reward.
This is our own special adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's famous tale "The Emperor's New Clothes"
Audience participation will be key in this production, as children will be brougt on stage to p[lay special characters throughout the story and the whole audience will create a storm in the haunted woods as Maria and Fritz try to return to Copenhagen with the cloth of gold. We will also audition the audience for one person brave enough to tell the KIng he has been fooled during the birthday parade.

The music of Johann Straus ! and !! have been chosen to accompany this production. Amongst others you will hear the Thunder and Lightning Polka, The Blue Danube, and many more. Packed with comedy and excitement, "The King of Copenhagen" will appeal to children of all ages!

We provide all equipment necessary to create a theatrical atmosphere within the school including set, costumes, props, lighting and sound.

Touring Ireland and the United Kingdom throughout the summer and autumn terms of 2021. To enquire about when we are in your area please call us on 01630 661983 (or +44 1630 661983 from Ireland)


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