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Meet the characters of Treasure Island!


Jim Hawkins


Jim is a young boy who has big dreams about travelling the world. He works at the Benbow Inn with his mother, although he would really love to be a sailor on the high seas!

Will Jim ever be able to leave the comfort of his home and travel the world? 

Harriet Hawkins


Harriet is Jim’s mother. She enjoys singing, face masks and foot rubs!


Harriet couldn’t think of anything worse than to let her precious son go to sea. Unless it made her rich… in which case she would pack his bags for him!


Billy Bones


The only lodger at the Benbow Inn… although he is yet to pay a penny in rent! He loves sleeping, eating and RUM!

A retired pirate with plenty of stories to tell… and maybe a few secrets kept locked away as well.

Long John Silver

The man with the wooden leg. The most fearsome pirate in all of the seven seas…

Long John Silver is desperate to find Captain Flints map to the buried treasure and nothing will get in his way!

long john silver.jpg
Captain Smollett.jpg

Captain Smollett


Captain of the Hispaniola- the finest merchant ship heading out West!


This Captain runs a tight ship and is sure to put the crew through their paces. Be prepared to scrub the deck, climb the rigging and man the crow’s nest when Captain Smollett is around...

Polly the Parrot


Polly is Long John Silver’s trusty sidekick. Although she doesn’t always do what she’s told… unless there’s crackers involved.


You’ll often hear “Polly wants a cracker” but beware! Reciting poetry near Polly could result in a terrible mess!

Ben Gunn.jpg

Ben Gunn


Having been stranded on a desert island for quite some time, Ben Gunn is desperate for some company… and a hair cut!


He enjoys walks on the beach, afternoon naps and chasing imaginary badgers.

Other characters you might meet...


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